The 3 Types of Affiliate Traffic and How You Can Use Them

Where does traffic come from? Whether you have just started to think about affiliate marketing or already have your own website or blog you need to outline where you are going to get your traffic from. What are the options you can use to get traffic into your website?

Pay for it

You can buy traffic, the most common way is to use what is known as Pay Per Click or PPC advertising. One of the most popular types of this is Google Adwords, these are the sponsored links you see on Google’s search result pages.

You create a short advert, about 150 characters. Define a list of keywords. Setup a maximum bid and a daily budget. When somebody searches for one of your chosen keywords your advert will appear in the sponsored listings, when somebody clicks on your advert Google will charge you.

The cost per click and the position of your advert depend on 2 factors, 1. How much are you willing to pay for each click or each visitor. 2. How relevant your advert is to your web page. For example if you are selling widgets, your web page must contain lots of references to widgets, your advert must contain widgets and you must have widgets in your keywords.

Borrow it

This is for those who are more advanced at affiliate marketing and have their own product to sell. You can borrow traffic from existing successful affiliate marketers. If you have a product that would compliment their product or that diverges into a slightly different niche you can try and get a joint partnership or a JP as its sometimes known.

How can you do this? You can offer to feature the other marketer on your website if they do the same. You can write reviews on their product and give customers a bonus if they buy a product from you. The idea behind joint ventures is that you instantly have access to a new customer base and together both partners can make more cash.

Create it

You can create your own traffic? This method is free but takes time. There are hundreds perhaps thousands of different ways you can create your own traffic. I will run you through 2 of my preferred methods.

1. Articles, just like this one. You can write articles on your chosen niche or product and submit them to article directories on the web. These articles can contain a signature field that lets the reader take further steps and learn more about your product or the subject matter you are writing about. The single most important benefit of articles is that they exist forever, if you write good, popular articles they will keep bringing traffic to your site day after day, year after year.(

2. Videos are the next big thing. 50% of all web traffic is video content. YouTube alone gets 12% of all the traffic on the web. Wow. Thats a lot of visitors. How can you harness this power. Simply create videos, now I know you dont have a film studio at home and you don’t need to. You can use a webcam on your computer or a digital video camera if you have one. You don’t even need to video yourself you can video your computer screen as you take the viewer on a trip into what ever your chosen subject is. You can show them existing websites, how to use products and why you recommend certain resources.

I wish you the best of success.

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