Affiliation, the Easy Route to Making Additional Income

The internet has opened doors to many businesses to boost their sales, market share and of course their effective profits. Many business owners have ploughed thousands of dollars into finding the best route to bring their message to the average surfer and eventually relieve them of their hard earned cash. Over the Internet’s relatively short existence, we have seen all manner of marketing techniques to get the average surfer to click to your magical site. Banners, emails and pop ups messages are just a few of the techniques that most people are familiar with.

Today though, a much stealthier and cheaper way of getting your message out into the World Wide Web is by the use of affiliate marketing. Businesses soon realised that the easiest route to spread the message was by getting other sites to do all the work for you. The affiliate model is a fairly simple one. Let’s make up a new company, Tommy Toys for example. Tommy Toys has a whole collection of the greatest toys on the planet, but very few visitors to its website.

A clear route to get the message across, would be to encourage other website owners to plug your products for you. Great in theory, but what is in it for me? That’s easy, a percentage cut of the profit! See Tommy Toys will reward you for any traffic that converts into a sale with a whopping 7.5% of the total of that sale. Whilst 7.5% might not seem a lot, the money will soon roll in for multiple purchases – after all if one of your users decides to spend $1000 you’ll make $75 just for sending one of your users to the Tommy Toys website. Of course this model multiples quite nicely, so if you have 100 users who go on to send $150, that soon equates to a very nice $1125. If of course, you also have numerous other companies that you are affiliated to, then this total amount could be multiplied by 5, 10, 20 or even more! The beauty of affiliation, for the average website owner, is that percentages can differ from company to company: 10% or even 20% per sale is not uncommon. The percentage can also improve for the more sales that you send, so the first $1000 is at 5% and anything above the percentage changes to 7.5%. It is quite easy to rack up a handsome total for doing nothing more than advertising other people’s products on your site. You can even make affiliate sales without the need for your own website, by posting links onto your social network page or by emailing links to your friend.

The model is a fairly old one and works in the same principal as holding product parties. Remember the old days when you would invite friends over to view a range of plastic food containers or cosmetics? The principal is the same except instead of having plastic samples in your home, you get people to look at products on your website and then click through to your supplier to make a transaction. For the company you affiliate to, the technique is a nice straightforward one, after all they provide you with a link and you do the work of promoting their products. It’s all transparent to the user, you have no pre-purchasing to do, no piles of stock in your spare bedroom, you don’t need to collect any money and if there is a problem the 3rd party company deals with the issue not you! You could have a site selling shoes and not have to come in contact with a single pair. All you need to do is sit back and count the cash rolling in. You can also improve on your earnings by getting your friends or other website owners to affiliate too. Most affiliate schemes will offer you a bonus by giving you a percentage of any sales that your sign ups make too, so you really could be making money for doing absolutely nothing. It’s not only by displaying products that the affiliation model works it could be by simply adding a banner or text link on your existing page.

The 3 main ways you can earn money is via the 3 methods Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale. So where do you being? First look for an affiliate marketing site and sign up. They will probably ask you a few questions relating to your site and how you plan to market the relevant companies. If you are accepted by the affiliate marketing company (which is normally guaranteed), then you can go on to select the companies that you would like to affiliate to.

On the whole, most companies will screen you first to ensure their products or services do not get advertised on inappropriate sites, but this is mostly and formality. Once you have been cleared to go, the work begins. Firstly you will need to decide how you want to advertise your chosen companies. You might just want to place a banner ad or maybe go all the way and advertise their products. Most affiliate marketing sites will over a product feed – This is normally a file full of products that you could use on your site. As well as a full list of products, they may offer you simple content widget. A content widget is simply a box or rectangle that will contain one or more products from your chosen company. The advantage is that they do all the work and constantly update the widget with products and prices. In most cases, all you need to do is put a small piece of code onto your site in a desirable location. To get the most of your affiliation, spread the word to family and friends and get them to click on your links and banners. They get a great deal and you get the profit – unless you want to share the money with them and then everyone is a winner! Here are some examples of affiliate sites in action Monkey On The Run and Heel Or No Heel. Reference: Affiliate Marketing sites include AffiliateWindow.

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