Affiliate Jump – Look Before You Jump!

Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Jump has been buzzing on the internet for some time now. It opened its doors amidst much fanfare somewhere in August, then closed after about 2 weeks due to memberships being filled up, only to open again recently. According to Mike Filsaime, they are going to close the doors again real fast.

Now before you fork out the money and make the jump, the least you can do for yourself is to read this review and decide if this network membership is right for you.

The top selling points Affiliate Jump hawks are these –

CPA – Affiliate Jump specializes in Cost Per Action offers, or CPA offers for short. Due to the fact that CPA usually involves just some form of action like filling up a survey form and do not require the prospect to fork out money, CPA has a higher conversion rate than affiliate marketing for products. Yet, some CPA offers pay out handsomely to affiliate marketers.

CPA Networks Take Ages to Approve Sign-ups -If you are familiar with affiliate networks which specialize in CPAs like Commission Junction, you will know that it is often a hassle to get approval from the vendors. Sometimes you get rejected without even knowing why. Affiliate Jump offers an immediate solution to the problem as it claims to pull offers from all the other affiliate networks to a single location (Affiliate Jump itself) and it offers an instant approval on all offers to its members.

Technology – Affiliate Jump has an integrated system to make it very easy for affiliate marketers to promote and track the CPA offers. (a) It allows users to create websites in seconds (b) It provides the hosting and domain (c) It provides comprehensive traffic sand sales statistics.

In my usual honest fashion, I will translate what this really means and whether it is of value to you, I will leave it up to the individual to judge.

CPA – It is a fact that CPA is a different creature from Cost Per Clicks (CPC) and affiliate sales. It is also a fact that some CPA offers pay off handsome rewards. But with regards to whether it enjoys higher conversion rates is arguable. It all depends on how you market and drive traffic. If you are competent in both these aspects, to be honest, CPA, CPC and affiliate marketing are all fair play. So what I’m trying to say really is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that CPA offers can make you more money. What is fair to say though is this – if you find a really good CPA offer that doesn’t require much from the prospect – then chances of him taking the action which eventually pays you will be higher.

CPA Networks Take Ages to Approve Sign-ups – While it is true that it takes ages for some vendors to approve your application to be their marketer and you get rejected at times, but from what I see in the Affiliate Jump introductory video, at least some of the top CPA offers are obtained from an affiliate network which approves instantly – This particular network has been around for many years and carry high commissions for CPA/affiliate sales for products in the health and beauty niche like acai berry juice, colon cleansing products, cosmetics, etc. Affiliate Jump also carries high paying CPA offers from other niches like credit cards and auto insurance obviously as it currently claims to carry more than 1000 CPA offers, and such niches indeed quite hard to get approval for. So it all boils down to your niche. If you are doing health or cosmetics products, you might want to just sign up for free with Market Health. If you are in other niches however and you want the convenience, then Affiliate Jump might be the solution for you.

Technology – Now, the fact that Affiliate Jump can create simple sites with your affiliate links embedded and you will not have to worry about setting up a domain and hosting is indeed an attractive proposition for the non-tech-savvy. What you have to do then is to concentrate on driving relevant traffic to these websites. In a way, this is really good for marketers who just want to concentrate on driving traffic and making commissions. The only flip side is that you don’t really own the sites because they are hosted under Affiliate Jump. I don’t think this is really of concern unless Affiliate Jump collapses though. I should also mention that AJ allows the automated creation of affiliate widgets which you can embed into your existing sites to promote CPA offers. This is a good solution for those who prefer to retain control over how your site looks.

Training – At this very moment, Mike Filsaime is throwing in a host of top training programs to get marketers up to speed with Affiliate Jump. Obviously this is a great bonus for those just starting out in affiliate marketing.

So there you have it. My honest opinions on Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Jump Network.

Affiliate Network currently offers 3 payment schemes at $39.95, $89.95 and $99.95 per month, each differing in the number of websites and widgets you can create.

My opinion is that if you are uncertain and worried about blowing too much cash at first, go for the lowest package and concentrate on driving traffic to just a few sites first. Trust me, it will be ample enough work for a start.

But whatever it is, if you are just starting out and clueless about many things, I think Affiliate Jump is a good place to start off your internet marketing career with minimum investments.

Good luck!

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